The types of nootropics available in the market

The nootropics belong to the class of drugs that help you enhance the cognitive functions of your brain. These drugs are formulated to improve your memory and concentration so that you are able to perform better in life. There are many types of these drugs in the market and you will have to choose from those depending on the type of problem you are facing.

These can be divided into two broad categories depending on the way they have been manufactured

  • The chemically derived nootropics
  • The naturally derived nootropics

The chemically produced brain enhancers are of different varieties such as the racetams, the choline nootropics, the ampakins, the peptide nootropics and the vitamin B derivatives.


They have no side effects

The natural nootropics are the ones that have been made by blending a few herbs in different proportions. They can even be the organic nootropics for sale and are derived from plants. These plant derivatives have been known to improve the functions of brain as well as its health. Since these types have been derived from plans and are just extracts rather than the chemicals that affect the brain function they have lower efficacy than the chemically derived nootropics. Many a time the naturally occurring ingredient may not get broken in your intestine and absorbed in your body as the way the synthetic nootropics can be and that leads to decreased efficiency.

Organic or synthetic?

Many people still prefer the organic or natural ones as compared to the ones that are synthetically produced because they believe that the natural substances are well tolerated by the body as compared to the synthetic substances.

Whatever type suits your needs you must make sure that you buy nootropics and use them for long period of time for the right kind of effect on your brain health and its function. Only patience will give you the result that you want.


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