How would you play the game?

Video game is our favorite pastime. Almost everyone love and play video game. But this new generation from teenage to adult is mostly addicted by the new launching video game Clash Royal hack gem. Some are playing it too much and increasing or upgrading his rank by the reward of glory trophy and arena.

What are the tricks of playing this game?

Every game has its own trick to play and score more. Same thing is also going for this game too. In fact this game is based on tricks and techniques. You have to collect cards while playing the game, but remember at a same time you only eight cards.

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What are the uses of these cards?

Cards are very important in this game. There are three types of cards, that is one common, one rare and one epic. It will help you by providing you the right information so that you can easily overcome your enemies and reward with trophy and glory, this is the rule of this game Clash Royal Hack gems.

Not only this, a strong player can challenge other professional opponents to unlock some new heights to participate and share cards.

How can you down your opponents?

As you have the clear idea of gold and gems so I am directly speaking about the process by which you can easily down your opponents. If you want to get gold as a reward then you have to give your cards and open chests. And if you get the gold, that will help you to upgrade your status and levels of playing clash royal cheat.

When everyone is playing COC , then why you are not attempting, now you have the basic knowledge of how to play the game. Install it, it is free, just need the IOS or android smart phone, then you can also able to play it.





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