Commonest side effects that will follow an eyebrow tattoo removal session

Going for an eyebrow tattoo removal takes up a lot of courage. Mind is often flooded with various questions and worries about the removal techniques and associative changes. The brooding thought of the side effects that come with tattoo removal frightens people to the extreme.

Potential side effects of laser treatment are very common and mild in nature. All these side effects might not even appear in an individual if correct aftercare treatment is taken as directed by the professional. While some side effects are absolutely common, in most cases, there is a likely chance that an individual might develop one at the most.

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The possible side effects of tattoo removal:

  • Inflammatory responses:


Signs of inflammation are an associative side effect of any skin reaction. Laser technique awakens inflammatory response of the body. All signs of inflammation might not be present at the same time though.


  1. Pain – Pain is subjective in some cases, tattoo removal of the eyebrows but is found in a very mild form.


  1. Redness – Redness of the skin is the most common effect as, laser spectrum is absorbed by area of application. There is an immediate response of redness after the application of the laser over the skin, and this condition usually lasts up to 72 hours. In tattoo removal of eyebrows, minimal bleeding is also accompanied along with blistering of the skin.


  1. Swelling – Tattoo removal of eyebrows involve swelling as a normal response to the laser application. Just like the after effect of threading of the brows, swelling develops. Ice application helps with the subsidence of the swollen part.


  • Blister formation:

If the skin of the individual or, the area of treatment is sensitive in nature, the follow-up reaction is mostly “blister” formation. Bursting of the blisters is ill-advised by doctors performing the laser treatment. Infection may break out if blisters are ruptured.

Side effects can be taken care of by professionals:

Above-mentioned side effects are an associated part of laser treatment which can be managed and cared for by the after- treatment. The various permanent tattoo removal Singapore clinics deal with aftercare treatment to individuals by reducing the likelihood of side effect developments.

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